Legislative Action Alert

Date: February 4, 2019

Action Alert -- Oppose Extended Hours for Brewers 

Action Alert—Oppose Extended Hours for Brewers

Tomorrow morning, February 5, the House Business and labor Committee will hear HB185, a bill that will extend brew pub hours from 8PM to 10PM.  Please email the committee members and let them know that you oppose this bill. Click here to email the committee

Click here to email the committee

Click here to email the committee

  • Under current law, brewers can serve until 8PM and patrons can stay until 9PM. 
  • This would allow brewers to serve until 10PM and patrons could stay until 11PM.
  • This is a free expansion of hours—a privilege restaurants have paid hundred’s of thousands for
  • If they want more hours, they should buy a beer and wine license or all-beverage license—18 brewers have done so
  • The remaining 63 brewers want the privilege for free
  • This bill effectively makes brewers a bar rather than a sampling room.
  • Every legislative session the brewers ask for more hours or more ounces—time to say enough is enough

Montana Restaurant Association